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About the Process

About the Process

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The precinct planning process for Ingleside will eventually lead to a rezoning of the land. If you are a property owner we encourage you to attend meetings you're invited to and join our email list here  to be kept up-to-date.

How do I know if my property will be rezoned?

The precinct planning process for Ingleside will eventually lead to a rezoning of all land in Ingleside. The Draft Structure Plan identifies the proposed land use arrangements based on a number of expert reports and community feedback that, in turn, will inform the future zoning of the land. If you are a property owner we encourage you to attend meetings you're invited to and join our email list here  to be kept up-to-date.

I came here for the peace & quiet. How do I stop my property being rezoned?

Ingleside has been formally listed as a future release area since the 1990s. Not all parts of Ingleside may be suitable for urban development. There are a number of factors affecting the area, including land capability and topography, noise, transport, biodiversity, bushfire and geotechnical risk. All of these factors will be thoroughly investigated by the Ingleside project team.

Why is there a need to change Ingleside at all?

By 2031, Sydney will have around 1.3 million additional people. We need to make sure there are more affordable homes, good job opportunities and easier ways to get around. We are planning for increased housing choice, improved transport connections and the provision of new community and environmental assets. The intent is to create a community which is highly accessible, with outstanding amenity, a growing network of employment areas and a prized natural environment.

What percentage of a sector needs to agree to a Masterplan in order for the rezoning of that sector to proceed?  Initially in Warriewood Valley 70 per cent of a sector needed to agree to the Masterplan.  Will this be the case for Ingleside?

No, a precinct-wide process has been adopted for Ingleside. This is different to the sector-based approach that was used in Warriewood Valley. It is anticipated that the whole of Ingleside will be rezoned at the same time.

The precinct planning process for Ingleside will lead to a formal rezoning. The nature of these land use changes will be consistent with the Draft Structure Plan, and outcomes informed by the consultants’ studies and community consultation.

When will the rezoning be finalised?

At the outset, the landowners and stakeholders, including the Ingleside Community Reference Group were advised that the planning investigation would be likely to take at least 18 months. Delays have occurred during the process for a variety of reasons that reflect the complexity of some of the planning issues that need to be resolved. The Draft Structure Plan for Ingleside, released in December 2016, is the latest iteration of the plans and responds to the comments the project team received in 2014/2015. The Draft Structure Plan is also based on  various consultants’ investigation reports which have now been released. The Department of Planning and Environment are currently reviewing the most recent submissions received and a further iteration of the plan and documents is planned to be exhibited late 2017.

Will Council rates increase when my property is rezoned?

It is likely that property values in the area including your property will change as a result of the Precinct being rezoned, therefore changes in Council rates will reflect this. 

Between 2007 and 2009, we saw some preliminary plans that Landcom had completed for South Ingleside. These plans indicated that development in the area would progress in stages. Is it possible for development on areas free from major environmental constraints to be fast tracked?

Planning will be undertaken for the whole of Ingleside and an infrastructure staging plan will be developed as part of the planning process to ensure that development occurs in a coordinated manner in line with infrastructure provision.

Previous studies and plans relating to land within Ingleside have been reviewed and critically evaluated, some existing information being utilised and/or updated, where appropriate.

When will we see the new rules for developing our land?

Detailed planning rules and controls for developing land in the Ingleside Precinct are currently in the drafting phase. The legal planning instrument with the rezoning, the Development Control Plan and, the Section 94 Contributions Plan applying specifically to the Ingleside Precinct forms the “Statutory Planning Package” for the Ingleside Precinct.

This Planning Package will be finalised for public exhibition after the outcomes of the prior consultation phase have been completed. The project partners currently anticipate that the public exhibition of the planning package will be held in late 2017. 

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