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Status of the Project under amalgamation

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Will the amalgamation of the former Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Councils affect the precinct planning process?

No: the Northern Beaches Council will uphold the resolutions of the former Pittwater Council regarding the Ingleside Precinct Planning process. Council, in agreeing to participate in the precinct planning process, set a range of considerations that are now embedded as part of the objectives of the Project Plan for the Ingleside precinct. The Ingleside Community Reference Group (ICRG) continues to act as a consultative reference group for the precinct planning process and the project partners.

The Department of Planning and Environment, as the project lead, will  become the relevant Planning Authority in any future rezoning of the lands the subject of the precinct planning process.

Following the amalgamation of the former Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Councils to form the Northern Beaches Council, a freeze was announced on Council rates. Does this apply to properties in Ingleside when they are rezoned such that Council rates will not be increased?

Council rates structures are frozen for the next 4 years following the creation of the Northern Beaches Council. Council is still permitted to modify its rates, based on changes in land valuations, as approved by IPART and generally in accordance with the Consumer Price Index. The rezoning of land will have an impact on land valuation and any changes in Council rates will reflect this change. 

If my property is rezoned, but needs to wait for infrastructure to be upgraded before I can redevelop, will my property continue to be rated as a rural property until urban development consistent with the new zoning is possible?

Council rates will only change as a result to changes on land valuation.  When land is rezoned, land will be re-valued based on the new zoning and development potential.  Landowners may, on receipt of a new land valuation, lodge an objection and request a review of the new valuation with the NSW Valuer General.

It can take up to 3 years between land valuations, therefore rate increases may not occur immediately after land is rezoned.



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